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VW Beetle in beryl green 1:76 scale from oxford diecast

VW Beetle in beryl green 1:76 scale from oxford diecast

In stock

Model: Volkswagen Beetle
Make: Oxford Diecast
Scale: 1/76 Diecast Metal with Plastic Parts
Colour: Beryl Green
Product Code: 76VWB006
BAR Code: 5055530113930
Age: Not suitable for children under 14 years

Details: The Volkswagen Beetle was an economy class car, which the German manufacturers introduced in 1938. It continued in production until 2003, during which time an incredible 21.5 million were made. Its familiar shape remained the same throughout its life. This beetle is registered FLO 325A and is decorated in red with a silver coachline extends centrally along the side of the car and down the middle of the bonnet. The door handles, bumpers and front lights are in silver. Internally the dashboard, seats, interior door panels are moulded in cream and a black steering wheel. Model is presented on a removable plinth with a removable hard plastic cover.

Price: 6.00

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