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Contact us on 01491 681 141

If you require help in placing an order or are not sure what size a model is.

you can email enquires@jd-collectables.co.uk or call on the number above

Explanation of Scales

Guide to model sizes - the scale model sizes shown below give the approximate length of the model ,

Most models are mounted on a plinth and the length of the plinth can add 25 to 100mm to the total length - this is dependant on the model scale and manufacturer

The Images below gives an indication of the different size of scale model
compare car sizes

compare car sizes

Cars (ford focus hatchback used as example)

Scale ......approx length
1/18th ..........240mm
1/24th .........180mm
1/32th .........135mm
1/43rd .........100mm
1/46th .......... 94mm
1/64th .......... 67mm
1/76th .......... 57mm
1/148th .........29mm

Starting at the top is 1/148 scale then moving down 1/87, 1/76, 1/64, 1/43, 1/32, 1/24 and at the bottom 1/18 scale model

Buses sizes

Buses sizes

Buses ( EFE 1/76 scale models)

Single decker bus double decker buses - these are between 11cm and 14cm long

N Gauge 1:148 scale buses are approx 50mm long

picture shows 1:76 and 1:148 (N gauge) bus
Motorbike sizes

Motorbike sizes

Motorbikes (based on a Yamaha YZF-R6)

1/6th ----------- 340mm
1/9th ----------- 227mm
1/10th ---------- 204mm
1/12th ---------- 170mm
1/18th ---------- 114mm
1/24th ---------- 85mm
1/76th ----------- 30mm

picture shows ( starting at top)
1:76 scale
1:24 scale
1:18 scale
1:12 scale

Railway scale

N gauge 1:148
HO gauge 1:87
OO gauge 1:76

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