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Royal Doulton Doctor Bunnykins DB381

Royal Doulton Doctor Bunnykins DB381

In stock

Title: Royal Doulton Doctor Bunnykins
Model: Doctor Bunnykins
Make: Royal Doulton (The Professions Collection)
Height: 12cm
Product Code: DB381
BAR Code: 5013973952172
Boxed: This item is presented in original box which is in a very good condition with authentic certificate
Condition: USED. Excellent condition free from any cracks, chips, fading or glazing

Details: This is a lovely figurine of a Doctor Bunnykins with his stethoscope around his neck holding a clipboard next to a bedside table with jug, cup and bowl of fruit. Hand painted and hand decorated in fine earthenware. This is a lovely figurine to add to your collection

Price: 20.00


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