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Burrell Showmans Loco No. 1 1:76 scale model from oxford diecast

Burrell Showmans Loco No. 1 1:76 scale model from oxford diecast

In stock

Model: Burrell Showmans Loco No. 1
Make: Oxford Diecast
Scale: 1/76 Diecast Metal with Plastic Parts
Colour: As shown
Product Code: 76BUR005
BAR Code: 5055530117730
Age: Minimum recommended age 14+

Details: The Burrell Showmans locomotives were the workhorses of fairgrounds during the age of steam, being used for pulling equipment and powering the rides. The model shown here was part of the Pat Collins Funfairs and used to power the Yeoman's Galloping Horses ride, the family has been entertaining the public for over 150 years, founded by Patrick Collins in the West Midlands in the late 19th Century and is still going today.

The highly detailed locomotive is decorated in red, black and gold with a white roof which houses the folded down black chimney stack. Descriptive lettering runs along the sides of the roof outlined in red and gold and the G Burrell & Sons Ltd Engineers name is also printed on the front of the engine and is registered DH 2507. Model is presented on a removable plinth with a removable hard plastic cover.

Price: 17.50


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